The Argos Tetra Protocol Analyzer

by XPro Ltd


Argos is an Universal Protocol Analyzer software for telecommunication protocols, running on Windows platforms.

It uses a proprietary XML protocol definition language to define the supported protocols and the user interface layouts.

The software provides a set of input interfaces for real time and offline protocol analysis: log files (text or binary), serial COM ports, TCP/IP ports, SSH and Telnet sessions, clipboard, and user implemented input devices supported by an API, for proprietary hardware.

It offers multiple views of the analyzed protocol data and various post processig features like, PDU reassembling of fragmented messages, view and PDU filtering, reporting, message diagrams, exporting to text (plain, RTF or HTML) or binary (user defined) formats.


Tetra Air Interface PDU view

Tetra Air Interface PDU expanded



The following open protocols are supported by the current version of Argos:


Tetra Protocols

Tetra Air Interface, ETSI 300 392-2 – Voice + Data, v3.5.1 (2011-10) and a set of referenced standards, inluding TEDS

Tetra ISI (Inter System Interface) – ETSI 300 392-3-1…5 Individual Call (IC), Group Call (GC), Mobility Management (MM), Short Data (SD)

Tetra Supplementary Services (SS) – ETSI 300 392-9, 300 392-12-3…24, Dynamic Group Number Assignment (DGNA), Talking Party Identification (TPI), Call Waiting (CW), Ambience Listening (AL), and soo on…


ISDN Protocols

LAPD – Q.921

QSIG (DSS1/PSS1) – ISO/IEC 11572, ISO/IEC 11582, Q.931 and Q.932

ROSE – ITU X.229


IP and Ethernet protocols




More screenshots bellow:


Tetra Air Interface message diagram

Tetra Air Interface XML definitions


Tetra SS/DGNA PDU analysis

Tetra ISI PDU analysis


PDU Edit dialog






Acquisition Configuration dialog


Visit also the PDU Generators for some of the above listed protocols.


Goto Argos Issue Tracking page.